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CW decoder searched

Schenk Thomas (dl2ian) on November 13, 2009
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Hello guys�. !!

Can anybody help me with a real good CW-decoding software for contests ?

I am using MRP40 for now �.

Any better ideas ??

Tnx 73s gl de Tom, DL2IAN

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CW decoder searched Reply
by W0GLB on November 20, 2009 Mail this to a friend!
the one in DM780 (part of the Ham Radio Deluxe suite) is very capable, as is CWGet.

GL es 73,
W0GLB Gordon
CW decoder searched Reply
by nf6e on November 27, 2009 Mail this to a friend!

It is multimode software, but it does very well with cw.

My cw contest speed is 35-40wpm depending on sender's fist quality. The software is at least as good as I am.

Jason, NF6E
CW decoder searched Reply
by kc5nt on December 4, 2009 Mail this to a friend!
I'm a Linux user (Ubuntu) and FLDigi does a great job!
CW decoder searched Reply
by W9IP on December 9, 2009 Mail this to a friend!
If you use Writelog, you'll find the multi-channel decoding pretty good. If the passband is open to between 300 and 500 HZ, you'll be able to read several stations. This why you should not rely entirely on the decoder in contests.

Good luck!
CW decoder searched Reply
by WD9GJK on December 23, 2009 Mail this to a friend!
I am also using MRP 40 thru a RigBlaster pro. The weak signal mode works great for my needs. I tried experimenting with several other programs this fall and came back to MRP-40 I have been using it for about 3 years now and really like it I can set my speed for what ever speed the other operator is sending and as long as I can type that fast ( hunt and peck look and cus ) it serves my needs for now. I know that when I don�t use it I score lower in a contests.
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