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CQWW CC 2009 GET a BIG >>F<<

Tony Ramos (kp4ke) on September 4, 2010
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{\rtf1\ansi\ansicpg1252\deff0\deflang1033{\fonttbl{\f0\fnil\fcharset0 Arial;}{\f1\froman\fcharset0 Times New Roman;}{\f2\fswiss\fcharset0 Arial;}} {\colortbl ;\red255\green0lue0;\red0\green0lue255;\red0\green128lue128;} {\*\generator Msftedit;}\viewkind4\uc1\pard\nowidctlpar\sl240\slmult1\kerning28\fs20 From: KP4KE\par \pard\sb100\sa100 Date 8/23/2010\kerning0\f1\par After a month of research.\line I give to the CQWW contest committee of 2009 a big \fs28 >> \cf1 F \cf0 << \fs20\line with the exception of KR2Q.\line\line Here is the story. After the CQWW dx ssb contest in 2009 several weeks later I received a email from KR2Q like a member of cqww cc. asking is the category of QRP single op.all band no assisted is correct.\line\cf1\fs24\line And he sign the email and give his calls.\fs20 \cf0 (at the moment KR2Q have A)\line I anwser that is correct, that DK8ZB run the contest QRP mode no assisted single operator.\line\line Also include in my email if he have any other Question feel free to call me and give my tel.#\line\line Time past and I DK8ZB recive a email. from some one that sign cqww cc. on \fs24 May 4, 2010. \line\cf1\line No calls and no identification only cqww cc.\line\cf00\fs20\line This email is in: \line\line\fs28\fs20\line\line in the biography site And the anwser is also there.\line\line After that DK8ZB received another email that was forward to me\line That email was in the same way \cf1 no sign for any body no calls no name.\line\cf0\line I went to the web page of cqww dx contest committee and that email address \cf1\fs24 wasn\rquote t there in any place\cf00\fs20 . ( I Thinking about the questions made in the email who made the question can\rquote t be in the committee).\line\line I don't anwser all the question and I request to identify or sign the email properly. \line Here is the end of my email:\line\cf1\fs28 About the power, he run 2 watts in 10, 15, 20 m but 3.5 make happy Barney in 40m, 80m &160m.\line\cf00\fs24\line Please send me the names and tel. # of the members of the committee or call me at \line\line 787 469 6936 for any question.\line I like to talk by person in tel. in case you have extras questions.\cf1\fs28\line In the XLS the way that you present only show how bad are those station in their peak time vs. DK8ZB in his peak time\cf00\fs24 .\line If you have question please ask KR2Q about me. I used to have the same radio that he have, great QRP.\line\cf1\line Remember send me the name, calls & tel. of the members of the CC.\line\cf00\line 73 & DX de\line\line KP4KE TONY\line\cf1\fs28 BUT NEVER GET A CALL OR ANOTHER EMAIL.\line\cf00 I get the news of red card via RADIO SPORT web page. \line\fs20 on july 20, and july 26, 2010\fs28 .\line\fs20 They never check who was KP4FP, Who was the trustee. (\cf1\fs28 Poor job\cf00\fs20 .) The only relation with KP4FP that was the old calls of KP4KE . KP4FP is a contest club and is in other town with a lot of members. And I am not a member. \cf1\fs28 Only they supect , they thinking, or they guest or ... \line\cf00\fs20 If some of the member of cqww cc look for KP4KE and KP4FP in QRZ.COM they can get a lot of information there. \line I'm advance class lic. I can't teach a EXTRA CLASS !!\line\line\cf3 to be cont.\cf00\line\line Thanks from KP4KE\line\line Remember hamradio is a hobby. \fs24\par \pard\f2\fs20 AT THE PRESENT MEMBERS OF 2009 CQWW CC ARE MISSING IN ACTION !!! SEPT 5,2010.\par }

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