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Henryk Kotowski (SM0JHF) on February 3, 2011
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Let�s meet SP7VC

This call sign has been logged in recent years by many DX-hunters and contesters. Most of the times, it is preceded by another prefix. The owner of this call sign is a 45-year old ham radio fanatic nicknamed Przemek, which he shortens, for practical reasons, to Mek. He lives in the very center of Poland, in a medium-size town called Ł�dź. However, I have met him in many places but in his home town.

SP7VC at the controls of SP7GIQ in 2000

Przemek�s station at home is rather modest so he is a true roving operator. If you can�t have large antennas at home, then you have to go to where they are. I met Przemek for the first time in 2000 at the station of SP7GIQ, not far from his home town. He was already a seasoned low-bands operator and assisted Chris, SP7GIQ with antenna work.

Next time we met it was during the CQ WW Contest at SP2FAX in October 2002. Przemek took care of the 160 meter position in this Multi-Multi set-up. We had bad luck with both the weather and the propagation, but it was fun working together.

Przemek, SP7VC (right) with Tom, SP6T the coordinator of the SN0HQ Team, during 2003 Annual Meeting of the SP DX Club

A year later, during the annual meeting of the SP DX Club near Warszawa I saw SP7VC again. At this time he was travelling all over the country on business and combined this with radio activity. He managed to be on the air from almost all squares in Poland. The equipment he has gathered under his 20 years of Amateur Radio passion allows operation on all ham bands from 1.8 MHz to 241 GHz. Some of his favourites modes are Meteor Scatter on 144 MHz and Rain Scatter on 5.7 GHz and 10 GHz.

In 2004 Przemek joined some members of the SP5ZCC Club who went to Luxembourg for an HF contest. He liked it so much that next year he went to Africa. During the WRTC2006 he joined the SP Team and visited Brazil and the neighbouring countries. A year later he explored the propagation of Scandinavia. In 2008 he went twice to the West Indies. Many of these trips were synchronised with major HF contests. Details of SP7VC�s activities, well illustrated by hundreds of pictures, are to be found on Przemek�s website

His first contact with Amateur Radio was at the age of 12. His neighbour was SP7APL who let him get acquainted with the talking black boxes. Some ten years later Przemek got himself on the air, initially on 27 MHz. He passed the licence test in 1991 and received the call sign SP7VCK. Very soon he had several antennas at home and would spend many hours on air. His contest results improved steadily and in 1998 he placed number 1 in the World on 160 meters in the ARRL SSB DX Competiton.

SP7VC watching the 160 meter band during CQ WW 2002 at SP2FAX (SO2R)

OH0/SP7VC in �land Islands during the CQ WW 2007

SP7VC visiting the OH0JFP site in 2007in �land Islands

SP7VC in 2007 visiting the site of OH0Z in �land Islands

SP7VC visiting SP7JSG, who is a microwave enthusiast

As I guess, Przemek, SP7VC is going to be even more active in the near future so this brief presentation gives a glimpse of who�s behind those contest exchanges.

Przemek, SP7VC

Henryk Kotowski, SM0JHF

Feb 2, 2011

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SP7VC Reply
by ei9ju on September 23, 2012 Mail this to a friend!
I've seen the SP7VC callsign popping up all over the place and not only worked him from his home but also as LA/, OY/, CT9/ & VP2V/ so he certainly covering a lot of ground and long may it continue.
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