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by ce4ct on September 17, 2009
by Brian Coyne (g4odv) on June 29, 2009
Announcing the Contesting Compendium
by Pete Smith (N4ZR) on April 23, 2009
Contesting at Visalia !!
by tom lish (n6ajr) on February 3, 2009
Operating Instructions
by SM0JHF on December 11, 2008
When is the contest over?
by Randy Thompson (K5ZD) on December 4, 2008
An editorial by K5ZD.
Let's Meet SP4Z
by SM0JHF on November 16, 2008
75/80m split or no-split
by Helmut Mueller (DF7ZS) on August 19, 2008
SP5ZCC also known as SN5Z
by SM0JHF on March 26, 2008
Reminder - SP DX
by SM0JHF on March 26, 2008
SP5ZCC also known as SN5Z
by SM0JHF on February 20, 2008
CQWW 2007 ED5ON/6
by Duncan Lindsay (GM7CXM) on November 6, 2007
30 Contesting Tips
by K9JY on October 13, 2007
Contesters Of South-Eastern Poland
by SM0JHF on August 7, 2007
YouTube CW Contest Simulation
by W0MM on June 6, 2007

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