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LOTW Reply
by wm2p on April 2, 2008 Mail this to a friend!
Many of us support contesting knowing we can never win. We devote time and effort in providing points to the contest stations seriously trying to win. I think it would be a nice courtesy for the contest stations to send their logs to LOTW or EQSL so that hams like me, will at least get a confirmation. Why should I help someone reach their goal who then wants me to go through much expense and effort to get a confirmation for a DXCC award? I would like to see more contests where the contest stations are required to submit logs to LOTW as a sort of thank you for their supporters. If there are real problems with LOTW rather than inconviences, contest sponsors should address them. What do you think?
RE: LOTW Reply
Anonymous post on April 4, 2008 Mail this to a friend!
Only work the ones in LOTW. (You can search on the LOTW site for their call) When they realize there is point advantage to LOTW more will follow suit. Just a thought.
RE: LOTW Reply
by VE6CNU on June 3, 2008 Mail this to a friend!
For people who can master contesting, joining and using LOTW is trivial. Modern logging software can export ADIF format as well as Cabrillo, so uploading your contest file to LOTW doesn't take much more effort than submitting your Cabrillo file to be scored by the contest. The main difference is that you have to run one more application on the ADIF file so that it can be read by LOTW. As standard procedure after all my contests, I upload my log to both LOTW and eQSL. LOTW is free to use, and only costs money if you wish to redeem credits towards a certificate. On the positive side, I've been tracking LOTW and eQSL use for the past 3 years and gradually the number of users is increasing. I attribute three factors: the cost of postage keeps going up, more young people are getting into the hobby and are not afraid of computers, and finally, it is simply a much easier way to QSL - if you keep a computer log. Over the past 3+ years I have amassed over 20,000 QSOs in both systems from over 225 entities. My QSL rate is much better in LOTW than eQSL, as I achieved my DXCC in my first year or so. I am still at 98 countries confirmed (AG) in eQSL so still no eDX100.

Jerry VE6CNU
RE: LOTW Reply
by ve6ex on August 26, 2008 Mail this to a friend!
Theres a reason for LOTW rating a lowly 3.3 on; not to mention the less than complementary reviews. It's based on everyone doing computer and radio at the same time, or tons of work after if you have a paper log.
I do paper sase, buro 100%; eqsl 100% and have a job/3 teenagers etc, --- am not prepared to spend the time needed to get lotw people happy from some contest I did in 95'. Paper is easier, quicker and best for me. I just may have to wait for the next generation of LOTW. In the meantime, eqsl is cool and works well for electronic.
Arrl is still the king of it all and contesting rocks!!!
Dan VE6EX..
RE: LOTW Reply
by LU1DZ on September 1, 2008 Mail this to a friend!
Dear OM Vincent:

After every contest I send a Cabrillo log to the contest manager, upload an ADIF file to eQSL and load it into to my Logger32 sation logbook.

RE: LOTW Reply
by wd5jnc on September 28, 2008 Mail this to a friend!
I use EQSL exclusivly for all my contesting and casual Logging I did use LOTW until my hard drive crashed in 2004 and I lost the key to LOTW. the powers that be at ARRL when I contacted them I was told to send them a Particular file and they would send me a new key, well the file was lost when the hard drive crashed. seems ARRL does not know what a hard drive crash means. after three months of E mails and land line call to Newington I simply gave up.
SO if you work me in a contest look on EQSL for my comformation OR send me a paper card and I will return one ( NO SASE required for reply ). Just a note after 30 years as an ARRL member I cancelled membership last year.
RE: LOTW Reply
by KT8K on November 25, 2008 Mail this to a friend!
I wish, too, that all the contest ops uploaded to eQSL and LOTW.

I upload all Qs to, and have for years. I used LOTW until several years ago when, after a hard disk crash and a series of MS-Windows crashes requiring total system reloads, I just got tired of fussing with setting up LOTW again and again. At that time I was getting a 9% return on LOTW and a 12% return on eQSL. Now I am getting over 15% return on eQSL, and climbing. When LOTW is somehow made easier I will load everything up there again, but for now I only use eQSL because it remains the easiest.

(Still no eDX100 or eWAS from my QRP station in spite of >10,000 Qs since 2002, though. Are there ANY eQSL users in North Dakota?)
73 de kt8k - Tim
RE: LOTW Reply
by N3QE on November 6, 2009 Mail this to a friend!
Some contests have incredibly high LOTW participation. e.g. NAQP has well over 50% LOTW participation. It is not unusual for me to find that 35% of my NAQP QSO's are confirmed by LOTW less than 24 hours after the contest and the rest fill in over the next few weeks.

Other contests - e.g. field day, Euro and Asian contests, etc., have rather low LOTW participation, probably under 10%.

ARRL DX and the CQ contests fall in the middle, November sweepstakes a little above the middle.

Several of the big powerhouse especially DX contesters - e.g. the ones in it to WIN THE CONTEST AND NOTHING ELSE - are very very wary about "showing their hand" (e.g. their log) to anyone, anywhere, lest someone figure out what they do or what their score is gonna be. This means they don't upload their logs to LOTW. Sucky, huh?

Big plug for the NAQP and NA Sprint: not only do they have incredible LOTW participation they are actually FUN and the Sprints are CHALLENGING events even if you aren't the winner.
RE: LOTW Reply
by k7xc on December 6, 2009 Mail this to a friend!
LOTW is a royal pain in the butt to properly setup, convert existing logs into the right format to get them uploaded, and their help menu's less that intuitive for one just getting started.

That being said, once you do the work to setup LOTW and get your databases uploaded, adding contest logs are a simple thing to do after each event.

I think there would be more participation if the initial setup learning curve was reworked to be alot less painful.

My biggest complaint is LOTW still doesn't support VUCC when from my perspective they have done most of the work to allow that to be a possibility.

ARRL continues to cater to the BIG Money HF Contesters/DXers and treat the VHF+ community as a bastard step child.
RE: LOTW Reply
by N0MM on March 27, 2010 Mail this to a friend!
Well Guys, I'm sorry about all your Hardrive crashes and Windows woes!
BUT, come On!
Dump that MS stuff and simply go MAC (You'll NEVER GO BACK!) Really, In all the incarnations of those pitiful MS Operating Systems, you would think by now they'd have got it RIGHT?? OH NO! What has this to do with LoTW?
A lot if you trust your logs to a MS OS! Hardrives ? (Get an Outboard, USB/Firewire HD -BACKUP!)

Sorry, had to spread the Joy!

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