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Contest Logging Reply
by N4DJ on February 1, 2010 Mail this to a friend!
I need a good contest
logging program for the
Mac. I used K1EA's CT for
many years. Is there
anything like that for the
RE: Contest Logging Reply
by kk1x on February 12, 2010 Mail this to a friend!

Try this - I don't have a Mac, but I stumbled upon it once...
RE: Contest Logging Reply
by K6RJP on March 29, 2010 Mail this to a friend!
One thing you could do is go to and download their free Virtual Machine software.
This software allows you to run a virtual XP operating system and then you can run any logging software.
RE: Contest Logging Reply
by K8GU on April 1, 2010 Mail this to a friend!
I've run TLF 9.3.0 by PA0R on my MacBook. It was written for Linux, but with some tweaking it runs great on the Mac. I did not add USB capability to it since the API is different and I didn't feel like writing glue for it. So, you have to log band changes and you don't get memory keying for CW. But, it works in a pinch. If you're handy with Mac programming, that could be overcome.

The Mac is a great home/work computer, but I still have a DOS/Windows box in my shack just for contest logging.
RE: Contest Logging Reply
by KG5VK on November 25, 2010 Mail this to a friend!
Regardless of how run n1mm
Iow get a windows Mach or get a virtual xp systems running on ur mac

N1mm is the only real contest software choice


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