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Contesting Online Forums : Tips : audio settings Forums Help

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audio settings Reply
by W2NTV on July 27, 2011 Mail this to a friend!
Hello� I have just finished setting up my new audio system (with the help from N2RRA Eric) to the 756 Pro3� It is a little overwhelming to say the less. I do understand it is a work in progress but I do however have a question or two about how the radio/EQ should be setup� I have the Compression turned off at the radio end on all 3 settings.(Wide,Mid,Nar) What setting is best for contesting�DXing�rag chewing while using the EQ setup� Also, do I run a risk over driving the radio if the settings are to high??

Fyi I have a Behringer MIC2200 Pro mic/line preamp� DBX266xl compressor/noise gate and the Behringer 15 band EQ going to the Icom 756 pro 3� with a Heil PR20 mic
Scott W2NTV
RE: audio settings Reply
by k4tax on April 5, 2012 Mail this to a friend!
I'm not a fan of external processors, EQ's and such. I'd start with the basics, mike connected direct to the radio. Microphone technique or how one positions the mike with respect to their mouth is very important. With dynamic mikes I suggest about 1" to 2" and straight on. With condencer type mikes, some form of wind screen to prevent breath pops is usually necesary.

Start with the SP off and advance the MIC gain to get normal or initial ALC action. Then engage the SP and start increasing the SP value until you obtain a noted increase in average output. These are good starting points and should be noted for future reference.

EQ within the radio is effective and will change the character of the sound. More high frequencies equal a bit more edge or bite to your signal while an increase in lower frequencies makes for a warmer or fuller sound. Excessive low end and the audio will sound muffled.

If you have a 2nd receiver and a recorder use it to help you adjust your audio settings. Connect your Pro 3 to a dummy load for transmitting. Then using the 2nd receiver, receive and record your signal and then listen to it. Make changes until you obtain the sound you desire.

Good luck
Bob, K4TAX

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