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420 Tips Topics.

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Topics Originator Posts Last Reply
How are unconfirmed QSOs handled? KT8K 4 9-Oct-2009
Mobile contesting g7sqw 2 9-Oct-2009
NU1AW mobile KH6 VE7JKZ 3 25-Sep-2009
Help with CW keying from laptop VE4GV 5 31-Aug-2009
IARU HF Contest SP2FAP 2 11-Jul-2009
Explain Multipliers k6lsn 3 2-Apr-2009
contest types VP9HW 2 18-Mar-2009
cushcraft 40 mtr yagi K5ZG 3 23-Feb-2009
Making More Interest WB9SBD 3 11-Dec-2008
best band. AE6YB 3 30-Oct-2008
band changes in SweepStakes KG5VK 5 16-Oct-2008
R1AND DL2AAV 2 23-Aug-2008
Venezuelan Independence contest OK2QX 2 22-Aug-2008
Mafia 5A1A 5 24-Jul-2008
Alpha Delta DX-LB antennas...any-one? n8yel 4 4-Jul-2008
TS2000-N1MM-Rascal Interface VE3RCN 3 16-May-2008
contesing kb1pty 2 7-Apr-2008
LoTW & Contests N3OX 5 2-Apr-2008
contests kb1pty 3 23-Mar-2008
ARRL RTTY RU VE3RCN 2 7-Jan-2008
420 Tips Topics.

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