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Contesting Online - Spotlight Detail

YT6A Main tower 2001
YT6A Contest site Obosnik - It is 48m high Self-supporting tower mounted on the Hill top ( 585 m/asl ) with 3 el/80m on the top, interlaced with 7 el. 15m Yagi on the same boom. On the arm you can see 5/5 el. for 15m. This month all antenna will be erecting and it will be 37 el. for 15m. Is it largest 15m antenna system WW? 5/5/5/5/5/5 on three 14m's arms and distance 9m plus 7 el. on 18,5m boom on the top. In the background you can se 4el/40m by M2 mounted on 40m tower. Circa 2001.
2001-06-09 10:26:59